Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I quit my job to hike the Pacific Crest Trail

Am I crazy? I'm a little crazy....

Tomorrow is my last day at the Fed, after 5 years, and it's just starting to sink in now that all the wheels are about to be put in motion.

After many years of thinking about thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (from Mexico to Canada), I've finally decided it's now or never. So today, I'll finish packing up my memories of the last five years (luckily we documented some of the best moments from 2010), try to start wrapping my head around saying goodbye to all my friends here, and turn towards the next chapter.

So, in the words of the wise Tobias Funke..."Let the great experiment begin!"


  1. I was dismal about keeping up with my blog, but we DID make it to the end, after having to skip about 40 miles in Washington due to early snow in September.