Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 34, May 20 Another Day, Another Milestone

Mile 384, Little Jimmy Camp to mile 403.5, Highway 2 Crossing

Well, I had the best of intentions when I set the alarm for 5:30. After snoozing and lazing in camp, we didn't leave until after 9. Oh, and that cry that I evaded the day before caught up to me! I just simply didn't want to hike. Obviously, I didn't really have much of an option.

We finally got going and quickly hit the Endangered Species Detour, a reroute of the official trail to accomodate the Mountain Yellow Legged Frog. The new detour loops down, around, up, down, back and forth for TWENTY miles  to avoid the FOUR original PCT miles. We opted for the "old"detour, which is still considered a legal option (legal meaning it's not frowned upon/considered cheating to take the old route). The old reroute includes 3 miles of road walking, but ask this girl if she cares about a nice little detour on a highway and she'll say heck no. We crossed into Buckhorn Camp for lunch at the end of the rouad walked and ran into Rocky, TRex, ChikChak, and Carrot. Unfortunately, they hadn't had the best evening/day since we'd said goodnight yesterday. Carrot got food poisoning, and Rocky got elevation sickness. They decided to call it a day at Buckhorn and hopefully press on in the morning.

We pushed on and caught up to Sour Cream a few miles ahead at a creepy abandoned Boy Scout camp, just after....mile 400! Yep, you read that right, 400 miles! I couldn't believe I've made it so far - I'm proud of that progress in 5 weeks. We all hiked together to mile 404ish. We're basically camping in a day use area parking lot, but we have access to bathrooms (with toilet paper!), picnic tables, and garbage cans! Pure luxury!

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