Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 3 - First Town Stop

Day 3 - campsite near mile 32 - Mt. Laguna, mile 43

I woke up to HOWLING wind in the middle of the night last night. Turns out, we pitched the tent in the middle of a construction site with all kinds of loose dirt...which managed to find its way to my sleeping bag and face in the crazy wind.

The hike to Mt. Laguna was great. I felt significantly better than yesterday and the relatively short jaunt into town seemed to fly by. We hiked up into the mountain and had some incredible views. Soon, the trail entered a forest with the first pine trees of the trip...such a welcome site! To boot, the smell of pines in the fresh mountain air never fails to invigorate me. I felt great, even though my pace probably left something to be desired.

Bumped into Marshall about a mile before town and we headed in together. It was so fun hiking in and seeing all the other hikers milling around the store and PO. Met some new people and quickly headed off for a late lunch. The burgers definitely didn't disappoint - neither did the Stone IPA. Yumm - and no guilt after 3 long days of hiking! After lunch, I headed over to Dave Super, the outfitter in town, and found new insoles for my aching feet - hooray! Can't wait to hike on these new beauts tomorrow.

We resisted the temptation to get a cabin and shower, and instead picked up a 6 pack of beer at the store, and headed to the outskirts of town to the picnic area for a night of camping with Marshall, Joe, and Nancy (Joe & Nancy are from Oakland!) who all had the same idea. We built a campfire and drank beer, and enjoyed the sunset and views overlooking the Salton Sea. Definitely a great day!

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