Monday, April 15, 2013

Final Prep - Bus Party, Showering, and Everything Else Important

I'll just start out by saying - I have awesome friends. I feel so lucky to have so many fantastic people in my life, and I had a chance to say goodbye to a lot of them on Saturday. We rented an old school bus and did a little brewery tour and sightseeing trip throughout the Bay. We couldn't have asked for better weather, which helped make the bon voyage party a blast. Although my time PROBABLY could have been well spent wrapping up last minute plans and packing, I couldn't be happier to have spent the day frolicking about the Bay on a ridiculous school bus turned dance floor with seating around the perimeter.

Looking around the bus, I saw faces from so many parts of my life - my high school and college friends, friends of friends who have become close friends, former coworkers, Brett's family, his high school friends, college roommates and teammates, and our friends from Oakland, etc. What a joy to have so many fantastic people there to send us off in style! Thanks to everyone for coming out and getting low to Motown on the Bay Bridge.

I can't believe tomorrow is the big day. All the boxes are packed and ready to go (for the most part), all of the gear is packed, and things are finally coming together. I'm so excited to hit the trail. I can't even imagine what it will feel like standing at the southern terminus - right now I'm just ready to be there, but I anticipate being just as excited but significantly more terrified come Wednesday morning. I'll handle that once I'm there though.

For now, I'm starting to process the "final" mundane bits of life. I remember when I graduated high school and college, I went through a few months each time of "this is the last time we'll bike to class (go to the farmer's market, hangout at Humboldt Manor, go to Froggy's on a weeknight, etc.) together." I know I'm on the emotional end of the spectrum, but I suspect a lot of people have those feelings when a major life event is coming to a close. I'm feeling that way about funny things now...showering, sleeping in a comfy bed, blasting music in the living room and chilling out with a glass of wine on the couch, having a selection of clothes to choose from in the morning when I wake up...the list goes on. It's funny to think how simple all of those are, but I'm sure appreciating them more than ever right now!

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