Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 4 - Campsite in Boulders

Day 4 - Mt. Laguna (mile 43) to Campsite in the Boulders (mile 56)

Got a late start out of Mt. Laguna but resisted the urge to head back in to town for breakfast at the restaurant, which was no easy feat! We have so much food from the first resupply box which we collected from the store yesterday, it would have been silly to spend the money.

The hiking was really stunning but my feet were in a lot of pain from the start, so the pace was slowwwww. It's so frustrating to feel good and want to continue hiking, but have this one problem that is so debilitating. It gets very disheartening very quickly, and today was tough, even with the beautiful landscapes we traversed.

Finally made it to Pioneer Mail in the afternoon, which was the only water and shade for a long while. I was tempted to stay there overnight and would have been happy to pitch the tent, but at least took the opportunity to lay down in the grass and put my feet up on my pack. There were a number of people milling around nearby as I napped, and some loudmouth came over to chat. I had my hat over my head as I was trying to sleep, but heard said loudmouth asking "does she know how to talk?" Even if I'd wanted to, I'm not sure I could have gotten a word in edgewise, but it irked me and contributed to my bad mood. To top it off, dude then plopped down literally right next to me on the upwind side and lit up a cigarette. A good motivator to get out of dodge and keep hiking!

The guidebook mentioned that there are "campsites in boulder field" but we didn't really know what to expect. We hiked on three more miles to check it out, and my feet felt much better after the rest. Hiking through Anza-Borrego was stunning and it was cooling off in the evening, which was more than welcome! The boulder fields turned out to be pretty amazing, and I'm so happy we continued on. The giant boulders overlook the valley and are surrounded by the desert mountains. It was pretty cool.

This campsite definitely wound up being pretty special, but I'm looking forward to Thursday and seeing Jon and Gail for the weekend. I can't wait for a shower!

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