Tuesday, April 9, 2013

KEEN Sock Testers!

Well, my last post was about shoes so I suppose it makes sense that the next one would be about socks, although that wasn't initially the plan. However, I found out yesterday that Brett and I were selected to be KEEN sock testers on the PCT! You read that right, folks...as my old coworker pointed out, I'll now be able to add the title "Official Sock Tester" to my resume.

I'm pretty stoked about the socks although we haven't seen or tried them on yet (they're not on the market yet but coming soon.) KEEN invited 2013 thru hikers to apply to put their new socks to the ultimate test - a PCT thru hike! We applied and are so excited to have been chosen - socks are no menial consideration, to be sure.

The socks are Merino wool (two thumbs up/a definite must!) but are specifically designed to withstand the elements and rigor of a long trek - the wool near the toes and heels is interwoven with a fabric called dyneema. All my climbing friends out there are probably more familiar with dyneema than I am, but in a nutshell, it's basically a super strong fiber used in climbing equipment, etc.

Pictures to come when the socks arrive...but suffice it to say, I feel like we've won the lottery. And with one week to go before flying to San Diego...anything that helps make my to-do list a little bit shorter is a complete godsend.

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